How to Make

French Press Coffee

Story While it's named French Press. According to history, it's not founded by French people rather than Italian people, both French and Italian are arguing about the origin. Despite the history, this method is perfect for people who want to start their coffee journey. Why? Because it only uses some equipment that easily found in the market and it's simple and easy. Follow our steps

You’ll Need



Spoon or Stirrer

200° water


Let’s Get Started

1.Rinse your French press with hot water.

2.Pre-Heat your water and after your water boils wait for 30 seconds to cool down a little bit.

3.While waiting for your water to cooling down. Prepare your coffee and grind it. We recommend grinding your coffee at coarse grind setting.

4.Now is the time for the ratio. We recommend using 1:15 ratio, which means 1 gram of coffee equals to 15 ml of water.

5.Now it's time to brew it. Place your ground coffee to the French press. After that pour your coffee with hot water. Some people said you should pour with spiralling motion or figure 8. We find out that it is unnecessary. After you brew with the ratio. Let it sit for 30 seconds, or we called it "Blooming" this process to allows your coffee to grow the flavour and aroma.

6.After 30 seconds, stir the coffee slowly and wait for 4 minutes. When it's already 4 minutes. Press gently the coffee plunger all the way down, and Now your coffee is ready to serve